What is meant keyword prominence

In search engine optimization (SEO), this refers to the prominent placement of keywords or phrases within a Web page. Prominent placement may be in the page header, meta tags, opening paragraph, or start of a sentence. Join Lewis Sellers and Douglas Radburn from Pinpoint Designs. Put simply, keyword density is the ratio (or percentage) of the number Keyword prominence refers to how prominent your keywords are within. In this section of our on-page SEO tutorial you'll learn the difference between keyword proximity, density, and prominence in SEO.

Keywords prominence is one of the various important factors for search engine optimization. It means, your keywords should be at prominent area in content of. Keyword prominence refers to how prominent are the keywords within a specific web page. This is one of the methods that is used for search. What does Keyword prominence mean? Here you find 2 meanings of the word Keyword prominence. You can also add a definition of Keyword prominence.

Keyword prominence refers to the location (i.e. placement) of a given keyword in the HTML source code of a web page. The higher up in the. There are too many terms related to keywords like keyword density, keyword stemming, keyword stuffing, keyword What is the difference b/w keyword proximity and keyword prominence? . What is the meaning of keyword density?. Keyword prominence in this case has everything to do with how many times the keyword is being mentioned. The meaning of keyword. What is keyword proximity? Our SEO Glossary provides a wide range of technical terms related to Search Engine Optimization.