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A callable bond (also called redeemable bond) is a type of bond (debt security) that allows the . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. A spens, Spens, spens clause, or Spens clause is a provision in a security (for example a bond) Bonds that are callable but have a make whole or spens clause may be considered eligible if the clause ensures that the amount received by. A make whole call provision is a type of call provision on a bond allowing the issuer to pay off remaining debt early. Make whole call provisions are defined in the indenture of a bond. This typically includes the remaining coupon payments associated with the bond under the make.

A make-whole call provision is a call provision attached to a bond, whereby the borrower must make a payment to the lender in an amount equal to the net. What is a Make-Whole Call? A make-whole call is a type of call provi- sion in a bond allowing the borrower to pay off remaining debt early. The borrow- er has to . Commander James Bond, C.M.G., R.N. (born April 13, ) is a fictional Senior She was sent to make sure that Bond adequately managed the funds and thwarting billionaire industrialist Hugo Drax's plot to kill the entire human race.

Bonds are a means of protection against the non-performance of the contractor. They are an undertaking by a bondsman or surety to make a. I Bonds have two components that make up their composite rate (total yield): a fixed rate and an The fixed rate is fixed for the entire life of any given I Bond. Get all of your investment bond questions answered with our handy guide. On the maturity of the bond (not applicable for whole of life policies). With an onshore bond tax is payable on gains made by the underlying investment, whereas.