Lego dimensions doctor who world

Gold Brick 1: After completing the Minikit in The Dalek Extermination of Earth, complete the dance challenge to receive this. Gold Brick 5: Repair a lever in Mars, then destroy the hopping box to reveal LEGO pieces. Gold Brick After restoring the Telos Base, head inside and. The Doctor Who World is an Adventure World that can be found on Vorton in LEGO Dimensions. Keys Twelfth Doctor, Cyberman. In the Doctor Who adventure world, I have connected 5 of the 6 locations, the absent one being Skaro. I can access it with the TARDIS and the.

I can't figure out which one I'm missing! No yellow bricks show up on the map. I've done all the races. I've done the minikit event. Any ideas?. Travel through time and space to find all the Doctor Who Adventure World Repair Locations in Lego Dimensions!. Is the Lego Dimensions Doctor Who level pack any good? immensely popular worldwide, and even though an official Lego TARDIS set was.

The Doctor Who Adventure World is one of fourteen Adventure Worlds in LEGO Dimensions, which may be unlocked by placing a character. LEGO Dimensions, Doctor Who, Cyberman and Dalek Fun Pack. Warner Bros out of Jurassic World Team Pack - LEGO Dimensions. LEGO. out of 5.