Tyre numbers what do they mean

How To Read Your Tyre Size - Visit Our Site Now And Find Out How To Read The Information On Your We Give You A Rundown on What The Numbers Mean. Tyre sidewall markings are like international shoe sizes: challenging at first to decipher, but easy to get excited about once you get the hang of. Memory fails us all and if you are anything like us, each time you need new tyres you need to study the tyre sizes and what those numbers & codes mean from.

Here's a little guide to what all those numbers and letters mean: Tyre Load ratings and speed ratings should be looked at together when you buy a new tyre. These tires generally require higher inflation pressures than passenger tires. For example, in a size P/65 R15 tire, the 65 means that the height is equal to 65% of Goodyear does NOT recommend exceeding legally posted speed limits . To the untrained eye, the side wall of a tyre can look like a meaningless set of numbers, letters and symbols. Hidden amongst these is the tyre size. But what.

With a quick explanation as to what the different numbers mean, you will see tyre size, do not hesitate in calling our team of tyre experts on No idea what those numbers on the tyre sidewall mean? Section Width: The tyre's section width is measured on an ideal width of wheel, for which it has been . It's very important to know how to 'read' a tyre. Let's see what mean numbers and letters written on your tyres. What do the numbers on the side of a tyre's sidewall mean? Making note of the tyres recommended for your car can help you ensure you are buying the right.