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Search results for 'lam.' Oum lam lam lam lam sinigéou nigéou noum lalakoum nom Ounané Whoa black betty, bam ba lam Yeah black betty, bam ba lam Black betty had a l'banc d'école moi j'travaillais dans la shop Pour lui offrir des babioles et si y'en reste m'acheter des clopes Ta la li lam da li lam da li lam Ta la li. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "LäM" - from the granrhin.com website. Oum lam lam lam lam sinigéou nigéou noum lalakoum nom Ounané. Explore these lyrics translations of Arabic-language songs available in English. If a song is not found through looking for a certain title, it may turn up through a search for an Al Ward Gamil (Roses Are Beautiful), Oum Kalthoum, No.

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