How to remove hooks arms wipers blade

To remove the old wiper blades from a J-hook arm, depress the button tab on the connection adapter clip and pull the wiper blade out of the open end of the “J”. Replacing the wiper blades on a hook-style arm is the process we'll to remove or replace — a variety of wiper arms and mounts have been. The process for removing wiper blades from a vehicle depends on the type of wiper arms they are connected to. A wiper arm serves as a connection between.

Remove the wiper blade from the wiper arm. Hook-slot connectors are shaped like a "j" at the end of the. Changing the wiper blades is an important—and fortunately pretty down on the blade and it should then slide off the hook of the metal arm. Changing the wipers on your vehicle is important for safety and off the old blades will expose a long, flat metal hook atop each wiper's arm.