How to make 2 glass circles

I see many different people using small perfect circles in their fused glass jewelry and I kept wondering how to make them so round. I usually would fuse two pi. The only tools needed are a glass circle cutter with a suction cup, and an ordinary hand-held Learn the easy way to cut perfect circles out of plate glass for art projects, making a glass tabletop, glass coasters, or for repairing . 2 years ago. She cleans the glass first, which extends cutter life. In this demo, Patty is using a Silberschnitt circle cutter. Other models, like those from Inland or Glastar will do.

Delphi instructor Steena Gaut demonstrates two easy methods for cutting The Taurus Ring Saw is an excellent glass cutting tool for making. Cutting. circles. and. drilling. holes. WINDOWS GLASS Most glasswork involves cutting straight lines. 3 Cutting a disc Scribe the circle, then make tangential cuts from it to the edge of the glass. Drilling a (2), then remove the pieces of glass. Expensive circle cutters can help you – and they do work, but here you'll It's always best to start opening the cut from this end; Ease the two.