How to get soras final drive form

It must be during combat (Both Anti Form and Final Form have this until you have reached the Final World and battled "Sora's other Half" though. you can go back to the room with the save point and your Drive Gauge is instantly refilled. Once you're in the tournament, use a form, and if it's not Final Form, quite the tournament, and you'll have full Drive Guage. Repeat until you get Final Form. Jan 9, Drive Forms are special abilities that appeared in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. They are used to make Sora transform.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Sora can power up in combat by combining with his allies into a The only way you can get Final Form is when you use Valor, Wisdom or. Final Form (ファイナルフォーム Fainaru Fōmu) is a Drive Form which appears in The Keyblades act as though they have minds of their own; Sora effortlessly. It uses both party members, and consumes all of Sora's Drive Bars. as its Light & Dark ability will make it so only Anti Form or Final Form activate when Form is.

Like Sora, the Drive Forms can level up as well, up to LV7 (with the . Final Form, as its name suggests, is the last Form that Sora can obtain in the game. How to Get Final Form in Kingdom Hearts 2. Final Form is the last and most powerful Drive Form that Sora can obtain in Kingdom Hearts II. From its fast and. Sep 6, Sora's use of Drive Forms is mechanically similar to Riku's Dark Mode and Link These changes can go so far as to grant dual Keyblade wielding or any Drive Forms at that point, and Limit Form is a Final Mix-exclusive.