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John Howcroft, a member of the UDA-linked north Belfast UPRG, was woken at 3am on Wednesday by the windows of his partner's Ford Focus. Prominent loyalists John Bunting and John 'Hoover' Howcroft have been charged with attempting to murder ex-UDA chiefs Andre Shoukri and John 'Bonzer' Boreland. North Belfast UDA 'brigadier' John Bunting (47) of Stonebridge Avenue, Conlig; John Howcroft (46) of Formby Park, Belfast. Barber Wtlliamr 53, Higher Hillgute, batter Blake John, H □□it.m Norris, hatter Edwin, Nelson-street Harding J. P., High-street Bucknall John, Howcroft S1IKFP1KLD. Charlotte-Street Ktaniforth John, Hackenthorp Lodge Henry, Victoria-street Post Office Heggart R., granrhin.comn's, Myrtle at., South Hardwick Alfred,

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Boyd, Alfred C., Esq., 7, Friday Street, E.C.. Boyle, Colonel Gerald, 48 Ely, Talfourd, Esq., M.A.,, F.S.A., St. John's Lodge,. St. John's Hill. John Nicol Posted on: 06 Oct , by Greg Baldauf. Surnames > Nicol John Alfred Hobbs,. Please contact me on [email protected] As my email has now chan. Bollard family - pa Posted on: 08 Oct , by Debbie Inns. in Ireland (?), and married Elizabeth Howcroft (dau. of Harling and Rebecca Howcroft). John died at age 39 in in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. contact a. . George the grandfather is shown to be a bricklayer and inn keeper who was born in East. My grandfather was Alfred Thomas James Harling b. 19 Jun.