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Just a small quiz to find out who is your ideal anime boyfriend. His puppy-eyes can melt my heart (sigh)~ . Is he popular with the girls? A. Find out who suits you best in the anime. Gud test. Try out plz. Calculating Results Embed. Facebook Comments. QuizzesPersonality. Browse through and take thousands of anime boyfriend quizzes. Search · People · Fiction · Fanfiction · Nonfiction · Quizzes Who is your Voltron: Legendary Defender boyfriend/girlfriend? Take this . In the world where basketball is famous among teenagers, who do you think is your boyfriend in Kuroko No Basketball?.

I worked hard for three or four days on this, plz take it. You'll like your answer. I Hope. They never fail us. We've seen the many dere's in action, now what about the gentlemen? What type of anime guy suits you best? see our: Top 40 Quizzes. What color eyes do you want your guy to have? what style hair do you want 'em to have? what woud your guy like to wear? What's your favorite show of these?.

22 discussion posts. Deleted User said: hmm lets see!!lolgranrhin.com /quizzes//whos-your-anime-boyfriend, Deleted User said: let. Ever wondered what kind of character (anime or not) you'd be? with your friends arguing over whether Ranma acts more like a guy or a girl. Develop a quiz · Write fanfiction · My tests Sport · Think / Memory · TV Show · YouTube · New Tests · Top 10 lists · Images galleries What is your favourite ancient element? Who is your lifelong rival? Someone in your guild is being bullied, what do you do? . Who is your Tokyo Mew Mew boyfriend?.