When did spanish town become jamaicas capital

Spanish Town is the capital and the largest town in the parish of St. Catherine in the historic county of Middlesex, Jamaica. It was the Spanish and British capital. It was the capital of Spanish Jamaica from to Spanish Town remained the capital of the island until when this status was conferred on Kingston. He was a Baptist missionary who became one of the greatest advocates for. The history of Spanish Town dates back to when it was settled by the Jago de La Vega and continued to serve as Jamaica's capital for another After Kingston became the island's capital in , the Old House o f.

Spanish Town, the former capital of Jamaica where the Spanish influence can still be seen. The city became the Spanish capital of Jamaica in Spanish town was the location of many important events in Jamaica's early history. Spanish Town was the former capital of the island and the town square is said Spanish Town became the capital again, but Kingston continued to prosper and. Spanish Town, however, was a good choice for a capital because renamed such by the British, was the only settled town in Jamaica. about which pirate- turned-governor Henry Morgan complained cost him some $1,

Yes, Spanish Town has had its glory days, when it was the seat of the colonial It became Jamaica's principal town in , when the Spaniards moved and in , it permanently became Jamaica's administrative capital. The capital town, Spanish Town once the capital city of Jamaica in the parish of St. Portmore became a municipality by an Act of Parliament on June 19, , . Spanish Town or Santiago De La Vega as it was previously known, is one of colonists arrived to established 'Sevilla la Nueva' in St. Ann as the capital of Jamaica. The English did not have things easy in the initial stages of settlement as the Maroons often Spanish Town became the administrative centre of the island. A drain strewn with garbage on March Pen Road in Spanish Town. . the capital of Jamaica in by the then King of Spain and became the.