Vehicle lurched forward when braking

Hopefully this is the right subreddit for this (if not please let me know). Basically for a few months now I've been noticing my Mazda 6. It feels as if the brakes aren't catching. Do I just need to replace my brake pads? What do you think is the problem? How much will it likely cost. I noticed a few days ago that when I brake and come to a complete stop, towards the end of the braking right before I stop completely the car lurches forward a little bit. It feels like my brakes are lettting up for a split second. O yeah and if this helps when I bought the car.

Problems with your brakes should never go unaddressed. Here's what to do if your car jerks when braking. There are various reasons why your car jerks when braking but it doesn't mean that you will need to panic when this happens. It is inevitable to slightly get. I am hesitant to put more miles on it now, as I have been having a problem with the car lurching forward every time I brake to a complete stop.

I am sure if are at a stop with one foot on brake and slowly increase gas, eventually the car will break lose of the brake's hold and lurch forward. First Generation CL Discussion () - car lurches forward the hood, then it would lurch forward if I wasn't giving it enough brake. Mechanical play. The parking “pawl” which is usually a small hardened metal rod that slides into a gap on a toothed ring inside your gearbox, thus blocking the. On rare occasions while I am braking the car seems to lurch forward. In particular I have noticed it while braking and hitting a bump.