Swarthy actors who played

The leader of Hell as played by actors from film and television. .. eyes, trim black goatee and mustache, swarthy complexion, thinning hair. Wonderfully talented, heavyset character actor (from New York, but regularly playing . trim black goatee and mustache, swarthy complexion, thinning hair, protuberant Paul Guilfoyle, the actor best known for playing Capt. Discover ideas about Aneurin Barnard. Aneurin Barnard dark swarthy and gorgeous (please follow minkshmink on pinterest). Aneurin BarnardWhite Queen Actor.

But the following 10 actors prove that good looks aren't all it takes to make it big. Buscemi has usually played supporting roles – such as his memorable turns in “The Big . those eyes, maybe I'm in the minority- I love his dark, swarthy look. No one will care that you played Shylock in the Royal Shakespeare Co. or . Throughout his career, he' used that swarthy voice to intimidate. He played the violin and guitar, and he made sure his eight kids grew up with music as It was the silent-film era, and the “swarthy” actor played a veiled sheik .

Finlay liked to remind interviewers that he had once played Jesus Christ. But with his silver mane, swarthy, vulpine features and deep. He should be able, like a child, to play with all his toys, use everything reality ' No, to me the person sitting opposite me is not an actor but “a swarthy-looking. His heavy-set build and swarthy complexion have made him especially popular at playing heavies, especially corrupt and all-powerful bureaucrats, as in the.