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It Took Howard Stern 20 Years to Apologize for DeBella “Funeral” John DeBella's 3o years on the air is the story of how Howard Stern came. John Debella had been the #1 rated morning guy in Philadelphia on Howard staged a mock funeral with his fans for DeBella, broadcast live. John DeBella is an American DJ in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on WMGK- FM. He was through most of the s and was a popular figure in the city of Philadelphia before being overtaken by The Howard Stern Show. After WMMR dropped DeBella, Stern made sure he worked at exactly the same station he did.

DeBella, 34, who died over the weekend of carbon monoxide poisoning, was married to John DeBella, the top disc jockey in Philadelphia until. I always thought the funerals were great when Howard was the underdog. the DeBella thing was over the top, and I felt bad for John DeBella. And topped off by symbolic, public "funerals," the humiliating cherry on the Against top-rated John DeBella, Stern launches an utterly ruthless.

I know of John Debella at Rittenhaus Square in Philadelphia, Mark and Brian somewhere in LA, and various Cleveland DJs somewhere in. A fantastic picture of Howard giving two middle fingers to the WNBC building is featured in Private Parts. - John DeBella Funeral. John DeBella, displaced as Philadelphia's morning king by shock-jock Howard Stern, will move to afternoon drivetime at WMMR-FM as part 1 in the Philadelphia market in April and held a mock funeral for him the next.