In wwe who has more fans

As of now it is undoubtedly AJ Styles owning to the fact that he has been the best performer since his debut. His hybrid offense of aerial and ground attacks is considered one of the best arsenals in the business right now. Which WWE superstar has the most fan following all. These wrestlers enthral the fans every time they step inside the squared circle. Ricky Steamboat - One of the most loved wrestlers in WWE history He has been the face of NXT for over a year and enjoys unparalleled fan. Social Media has opened up an entirely new platform for WWE Superstars to connect with fans.

The idea is that charismatic performers are often the most memorable. Recently, wrestlers like Tye Dillinger and Bayley have taken the WWE. Here are the 10 most followed WWE superstars in the world. The Miz has 7,, followers on social media following is indicative of how big a star a wrestler is, and the names on this list won't surprise most WWE fans. This week in GIFs: Big E gets ready for Turkey Day and more Get all LIVE pay- per-views, plus more than 10, hours of WWE video on demand. More Info.

Here are the 10 most popular wwe stars on social media today. on social media, Randy “The Viper” still has more than 13 million fans on Facebook and over. The wrestlers that get the most votes move up in the rankings, and the wrestlers Undertaker is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Fan Favorite WWE Superstars.