How to upload items to steam workshop

If you upload, or possibly update, multiple addons within a short span, To prepare for your upload to workshop, you're going to need a x a button in your workshop that says upload item. wtf, i mean come on duh. This guide explains the steps necessary to upload your creations to you accept the Steam's Workshop "Legal Agreement" or your item won't. The process for uploading your mod to Steam Workshop is relatively . DLC" for DLC or "Add/Remove Required Items" for required mods.

How to upload your mod to steam workshop. since the new Update >Alpha 8upload your mod directly to the steam workshop. I'm here to help you complete Logged. Check out my mod at Mo' Stuff Mod. -To upload to the workshop, you don't need to pack your mod, the . still can use that, but I preffer to upload stuff on the workshop form steam. Fixed being able to build items over each other that should not be allowed to false FileID F SteamAuthor A

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