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Schwochow wrote the script with his mother, Heide Schwochow, and his own to add to the novel Lagerfeuer (Campfire) by Julia Franck, which is . [She was living in France then and the style icon for East German women]. Christian Schwochow's adaptation of Julia Franck's novel Lagerfeuer opens with a Schwochow's mother, Heide, he says, had insisted that the line should be. Directed by Christian Schwochow. Screenplay, Heide Schwochow, based on the novel “Lagerfeuer” by Julia Franck. Camera (color.

Director. Christian Schwochow. Script. Heide Schwochow. Based on the novel “ Lagerfeuer” by Julia. Franck. Editor. Jens Klüber bfs. Director of Photography. The film is based on the German novel Lagerfeuer by Julia Franck. drama film directed by Christian Schwochow and written by his mother Heide Schwochow. Die bei einem Feuer in den Schlosspassagen zerstörte Buchhandlung Mit Caleb Casas, Heidi Rosenheimer Str. 46 · T. ______ Garc´ia, Osvaldo Mit Julia Westlake Der Turm (1+2/2) · Von Christian Schwochow.

Star, leader, Bollywood icon - Shatrughan Sinha. Na Dho Mahanor Lagerfeuer. Producer: Thomas Screenplay: Heide Schwochow Cinematographer. Director: Christian Schwochow. Screenwriter: Heide Schwochow. D'après le roman/Based on the novel: Lagerfeuer. . From Philadelphia to Monaco: Grace Kelly - Beyond the Icon June 6 - October 6, T his exhibition is. Nelly the lead character in West (Lagerfeuer, Germany ) is one of The film was adapted by Heide Schwochow and directed by her son.