Where is shado pan assault quartermaster

Ao Pye Shado-Pan Assault Quartermaster>. Quick Facts. Level: React: A H. Can repair. Added in patch Health: 5, Screenshots (2). Videos. These valorous Shado-Pan venture into the Throne of Thunder to vanquish the evil found within, and exact Shado-Pan Assault Quartermaster: Ao Pye. Shado-Pan Assault Quartermaster>. Townlong Steppes, A H, ∞, Teng of the Flying Daggers. Shado-Pan Assault Quartermaster>. Isle of Thunder, A H.

In Patch , only Shado-Pan Assault quartermasters (QM) exchange rewards for Valor Points. Former Valor QMs such as Commander Oxheart. Ao Pye. Image of Ao Pye. Title, Shado-Pan Assault Quartermaster>. Gender, Female. Race, Pandaren (Humanoid). Level, Health, , Does the Shado-Pan Assault QM require any of the Island to be unlocked, or will it be available as soon as the patch goes live. Reason being is.

The Shado-Pan and the Shado-Pan Assault are different factions. into Honoured with the Shado Pan but not the Shado Pan Assault. Ao Pye Title(s) [[Title::Shado-Pan Assault Quartermaster]] Gender Female Race Pandaren (Humanoid) Level 90 Health Reaction Alliance Horde.