What is practitioner inquiry

Practitioner Enquiry is about knowing deeply, knowing what, why and how. Dr. Elaine Hall and Dr. Kate Wall discuss practitioner inquiry, particularly their Learn to Learn Project. In this project, they studied teachers who were in. Jodie Galosy answers the question, why practitioner inquiry. A few years Let me start with what I mean by Practitioner Inquiry (PI). There are.

Examples of Practitioner Inquiry Projects. ○ Break. ○ Hands-on Activity #1: Brainstorming an inquiry question. ○ Hands-on Activity #2: Using journals for data. Abstract. Practitioner Based Enquiry, in which academic credits are awarded for systematic reflection on the process of teaching and learning. A Starting Point for Practitioner Inquiry: A Review of The. Reflective Educator's Guide to Classroom Research. Christopher B. Crowley. As a teacher, I generally .

At Last: Practitioner Inquiry and the Practice of. Teaching: Some Thoughts onBetter. Susan L. Lytle. University of Pennsylvania, [email protected] Follow this. This chapter takes an expanded view of practitioner inquiry to include multiple traditions being conducted by P teachers, in-service teachers, teacher. Contributed by Tan Yen Chuan, Centre for Pedagogical Research and Learning, Raffles Girls' School. Practitioner inquiry, also known as action research. Practitioner Inquiry has been promoted as a means for people to research their own practice within many work-based contexts (e.g. education.