What does zomg stand for in btd5

The Z.O.M.G. is very hard to pop and was the strongest Bloon in Bloons TD history until the Message when first encountering a Z.O.M.G. in BTD5/BMC . In BTD5 the Z.O.M.G. does not start taking damage until it is about 33% on screen (just. A MOAB, a BFB and a ZOMG on Park Path Do note that MOAB-Class Bloons can spawn four or more bloons that are below . Bloonarius the Inflator is a large boss bloon that appears in the Bloonarius event in Bloons Monkey City or BTD5. BTD3; BTD3 (2); BTD3 (3); BTD4; BSM2; BTD 5; BTD 6 . A running joke is that M.O.A.B. stands for Mother Of All Bloons, which is a play on Popping the outer layer of a Z.O.M.G., B.F.B., M.O.A.B, or Ceramic Bloon does reward you with 1.

If you watch SuperBombjombo, im pretty sure you do. Well BTD5 = Bloons Tower Defence 5 Z.O.M.G = Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness ago D.G. Dartling Guns M.A. Monkey Ace or M.A. stands for Monkey Apprentice. MOAB RBE (Red Bloon Equivalent) is BFB RBE is ZOMG RBE is Sometimes it differs from game to game but these are the.