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Ryan Andrew Gustafson was arrested last year and has been on trial for counterfeiting currency notes worth $, Associated Press in. Ryan Andrew Gustafson, aka Jack Farrel, aka Willy Clock, 28, is charged with conspiracy, conspiracy to launder money, and the passing and. American national Andrew Ryan Gustafson shields his face from the media after appearing in Buganda Road for possessing bundles of fake.

Ryan Andrew Gustafson, aka Jack Farrel, aka Willy Clock, 27, a U.S. citizen currently residing in Kampala, Uganda, was charged with. Ryan Andrew Gustafson, 28, won't be required to enter a plea until Thursday when he is arraigned. Gustafson was deported from the East. U.S. prosecutors say year-old Ryan Andrew Gustafson – a.k.a. “Jack Farrel” and “Willy Clock” — is a U.S. citizen currently residing in.

Ryan Andrew Gustafson, 27, has been charged with conspiracy to commit offenses against the United States and counterfeiting acts committed. Buganda Road Magistrates Court yesterday ordered the deportation of Mr Ryan Andrew Gustafson, 27, alias Jack Ferrel, an American. When ringleader Ryan Andrew Gustafson, 29, of Uganda was arrested, Ruiz assumed command and tried to keep the operation going, Desai.