How to eat goose liver sausage

This mild flavored liver sausage is made with goose liver and is ground very fine for ease of spreading. This sausage is fully cooked and ready to eat as is. Read the Goose liver sausage? discussion from the Chowhound General Discussion, Now what kind of relish did he mention to eat it with?. I need a rice cooker to cook rice over and over and over again. ml water; 2 Chinese goose liver sausages (about 60 grams total weight).

Recipe: Chinese Sausage Fried Rice by Jin Loves To Eat. February 2, ,. Our next guest recipe is by one of my favorite food bloggers, Jin Perez of. Here, I bought two kinds of Chinese preserved sausages. Not the regular pork or even pork liver type, mind you. I bought duck liver (鴨潤腸). How do you eat your braunschweiger (liver sausage)? All I know of is . I came to like it the long way around through foie gras, pate of same.

Smoked Liver Sausage Home Made Style2. Fine Liver Sausage3. Gourmet Liver Sausage4. Liver Sausage Ring5. Goose Liver Sausage6. Homemade Liver. This mild German style Liver Sausages with Goose liver is ready to eat as is: sliced or used as a spread. They are at their best when spread one of our Brinker . When a client enjoys our goose liver pate they may eat it on crackers, or spread it on a sandwich. This product has been used in many different recipes and has.