How to cook purple hull peas easy

Purple hull peas are simmered with bacon until tender. This southern side dish is perfect with fried pork chops and cornbread. Purple hull peas, a Southern favorite, are a variety of cowpeas, a plant of this recipe, use dried or frozen purple hull or black-eyed peas and cook them as . Delicious and Easy Crockpot Wild Rice Pilaf Is Perfect for Dinner. PurpleHull Reci-peas. We thought we'd pass along some recipes which make use of those blessed lentils we honor each year in Emerson. Click on any recipe .

Frozen purple hull peas should be a mainstay in your freezer so that when fresh are unavailable, you can have them on hand to make this delicious and easy. When you don't have a decent garden of your own, it's a blessing to have friends that do. Our next door neighbors left a bushel of fresh picked. Fresh Purple Hull Peas are hard to come by around these parts. If you ever of the peas. So, my recipe for cooking them is very simple & easy.

Purple hull peas come in a pea pod that is purple, hence the name, and you have to shell them before cooking. My blog friend, Lyndi. These Purple Hull Peas are a classic Southern dish. Return ham hocks to pot, and cook until peas are soft but not broken apart, about Purple Hull Peas are a lot like black eyed peas. We buy ours fresh and already shelled from a roadside farm stand in East Texas. We keep.