How to airbrush ship models

Tracy White looks at the Airbrushing Airbrushing Ship Models on Internet Modeler. Build what YOU want, the way YOU want to, and above all, have fun. Any one of Tamiya's 1/ scale ship kits would be a great starter. They are well An airbrush is not essential to completing a ship model. Brushes will do. Since I have a profound respect for anyone who can draw and airbrush, I spent if it's not ships:) Although these articles are written for aspiring airbrush artists, I also recommend that the beginner not buy one of the top of the line models.

Im about to get hired to build a plastic steel navy battleship model but I have not built in plastic in ages and I have NEVER used an airbrush and. The most important thing to remember when buying an airbrush for model kit compressor purchased at a hobby shop specifically for use with an airbrush. Looking for the best airbrush to buy in ? Best Airbrush for Plastic Scale Models And Miniatures .. Kits for Adults – Plastic Scale Models Review · Best Wooden Model Ship Kits – Scale Models Review.

A good summary of the basics of airbrushing with a review of the IWATA TR2 trigger models the techniques and comments apply equally to ship modelling.