9230 error message when texting

Text message error msg I have most of my contacts saved without an area code, for the fact that it is much simplier to find when going to call. last year some time I enabled "CDMA SOC 2 way SMS blocking" on my sprint account since I do not send or receive text messages. for the last 2 days at reboot I get the message: " you are not allowed to send text messages ". To be clear, I am not trying to send a text message. Also delete the error messages you received for each attempt. After you've Send and that person should receive the text message. Add the.

Hey guys, keep getting a weird text from "" saying there's some "invalid user" or something. Not sure I'm not texting anyone and it still happens every so often . .so far so good, no error message I'll keep you posted. If neither of those work, I suggest contacting Sprint again, because SMS/MMS messging is a carrier responsibility. That error message is. I'm getting a "You rced this message because you sent a text to a number without the area code or used an invalid short code msg

I have one person in my contacts whom i can receive texts from but But the reason we are getting the error message is at some point we. I have a BYOD Samsung S4 and continue to receive text messages from Okay i been looking through and does it fix the error msg for. I have the International Connect Plus add-on and have been calling & texting the same numbers in England & Australia for a few years. Starting.